Arduino Based Big 12 Hours Digital Led Clock With Transistor and Backup System

Hello Friend, Today I Am Going to Show You How to Make a Big Led Digital Clock at Home Using Arduino/Atmel Microcontroller (atmega8a, Atmega328p… ) , This Is the Updated Version of Old Project, So Let’s Start

What’s New

  • Transistor Added for More Current Supply to the Led
  • Backup Time When Electricity Not Available
  • Direct 220v AC Supply Using Mini Power Module
  • Adjust Led Brightness

1. Atmega8a/Atmega328p

2. Led (I Am Using 104 LEDs)

3. 4.2v Rechargeable Battery

4. Vero Board

5. BC547 Transistor 4Pcs

6. BC558 Transistor 2Pcs

7. 28 Pin IC Base

8. 2Pin Screw Terminal 1Pcs

9. 10k or 20k or 50k Pot 1P

10. Push On-Off Switch (1 Pcs)

11. Push Button Switch (2 Pcs)

12. TP4056 Charging Module

13. 5v Mini Power Module (Hi-Link 5V Module)

14. 1000uF\25V Capacitor 1Pcs

15 . 16mhz Crystal

16. 1K Resistor 4Pcs

17. 10 Ohm Resistor 4Pcs

18. 330 Ohm Resistor 1Pcs

19. Some Wire

20. Arduino and Breadboard For programming

First Make Led  7 Segment Display

4 Digit Common Anode Connection

4 Digit 7 Segment Common Cathode Connection

Total Connection

All Wire Connection and How to Programme Step by Step Video Tutorial

Arduino Library & Code

First Add “Time Master”  Library in Arduino Library Folder 

 -:How to Add Any  Arduino  Library :-

Open ‘C’ Drive  ->  Then Open ‘Program File (X86)’ –> Then Open ‘Arduino’ Folder –> Open ‘Library’ Folder, and Finally Post Hare Arduino Time Master Library  Done!