Smart Home Automation Project, Control From Mobile, IR Remote, Manual Switch

Hello in this home automation project, I have explained how you can make an 8-channel home automation system, in this automation system you can control upto 8 channels through –  Mobile, Ir remote, and also with manual switches, if there is no internet connection still you can control with ir remote and manual switch in offline mode. If the device is suddenly off because of power cut then after power is restored it will remain in the same state because the last states have been saved in its memory (like arduino eeprom). Follow the video tutorial for step-by-step guide. Check below i have shared all the project file

Video Tutorial:-

Component Required :-

ESP32 Development Board
Relay (8 Pcs)
BC557 Transistor (8 Pcs)
any IR Remote
IR Receiver Sensor( TSOP 1738)
Manual switch (8 Pcs)
LED (9Pcs)
1N4007 Diode (8 Pcs)
screw terminal block
Female Header strip
Vero board

Circuit Diagram:-

Setup Blynk Cloud Dashboard:-

  1. Create a Blynk Cloud Account
    2. Create New Template
    3. Configure Data Stream
    4. Setup Web Dashboard & Save
    5. Generate Auth Token

Setup Blynk  IOT App:-

Download  Blynk IOT App- Download App

Login Same Blynk Cloud  Account

Setup Mobile Dashboard (Check Video for App setup)

Download All project file:-

ESP32 board manager URL  :-,

~ : Follow Video Tutorial for more guidance : ~