Make Battery Management device using Arduino (Check Actual Capacity, charge battery, battery store mode )

Welcome, I’m back with a new interesting project, today I will make a 4.20 volt (li-ion 18650 battery, mobile battery) battery management device, using this device you can check actual battery capacity, you can adjust discharging current while testing battery capacity, you can charge the battery with a live monitoring system in the display also you can adjust battery charging current, you can prepare a battery for long term storage for long battery life and more features.. this device very useful for everyone because nowadays everyone uses Li-ion battery, and now widely available this lithium-ion with fake capacity written on battery, to check the battery is fake or original you need this device, so for those who want to do this project, first watch my video tutorial for better understanding and after watching the video you can download code from here and complete your project. You can find the circuit diagram, component list, code below

Componenet Required

ATMEGA328P Microcontroller (WIth IC Base)
LM358 Op-Amp IC (WIth IC Base)
16×2 LCD Display
IRFZ44N Mosfet (2 Pcs)
TP4056 Module (1 Pcs)
Push Button Switch (2 Pcs)
10k Pot (1 Pcs)
220k Pot (1 Pcs)
0.5 OHM Resistor 10 Watt (1 Pcs)
1K Resistor (6 Pcs)
10K Resistor (2 Pcs)
1.2K Resistor (1 Pcs)
3.3K Resistor (1 Pcs)
3.9K Resistor (1 Pcs)
18650 Battery Holder
Banana Jack And Socket
16Mhz Crystal
22PF (2 Pcs)
Female Header Pin
Heat Sink


Download Circuit Diagram And Code

Video Tutorial 

~Thank You ~