LED Scrolling Text Matrix Board Making Using Arduino

Welcome Friends, today I’m going to show you how you can make a led scrolling Matrix board using Arduino UNO, Nano or Atmega328p IC.you can make 8×32, 8×40, 8×48 all those with the same code. If you are making an 8×32 matrix then need 4 pcs Matrix driver 74HC595 IC (4×8=32), for 40×8 matrix then need 5pcs 74HC595 IC, meanes Singel 74HC595 IC can control a maximum of 8 LEDs.

Componenet Required

Arduino Uno/Nano or Atmega328P IC
256 pcs LED (For 8×32 Matrix )
74HC595 IC 5 pcs
ULN2003A IC 1 pcs (Alternative- BC547 Transistor)
100 Ω Resistor 32 pcs
zero PCB, Header pin, some wire,


Download Circuit Diagram ,PCB And Code

Watch Video