Hack ZB2L3 Module and 5 More Features Added, Adjustable Charging & Discharging at Constant Current, Touch Control

Hello friend, today’s project is an exciting project. You might not have seen such a project before. Today I will show a device in which I will test the actual capacity of the battery using the ZB2L3 module Along with this, I will modify this module and add 2-3 more features to it, and with this module you will get 2 pcs 7.5-ohm resistor for battery capacity testing. The capacity of the battery is checked by discharging the current through this resistor which does not happen with the constant current method. But today we will know how to add constant current features to this ZB2L3 model, And you will be able to adjust the constant current 10mA-2000mA accurately, also you will be able to charge the battery from the same device, You will be able to adjust the charging current from 100mA to 1200mA. Check all the features below

All Features

1. Check battery capacity at the constant current method
2. you can adjust discharging current to 10mA -> 2000mA
3. also you can charge the with an adjustable charging current of 100mA -> 1200mA
4. you can track live charging current in the display
5. also you can track how much power is being stored in the battery
6. Touch Control

Component List

ZB2L3 Module
TP4056 Module
Mt3608 Boost Converter
LM358 op-amp with ic base
HLK-B0505S (check video for alternative way)
7805 Voltage Regulator
IRFZ44N Mosfet
TTP223 touch sensor
DPDT Slide Switch
18650 Battery Holder
10k Potentiometer
100k Potentiometer
10uf Capacitor
Bi-colour led
Banana Socket
0.5 ohm 10-watt resistor
resistor 10k,1k
type-c or Microusb Connector
Steel Washer(as a Touch Pad)
Some Wire,Nut, Bolt ,Screw, PVC sheet, zero PCB

Circuit  Diagram

Enclosure  Making

Label Sticker

Video   Tutorial