Arduino Based Big 12 Hours Digital Led Clock Making

Hello Friend, Today I Am Going to Show You How to Make a Big Led Digital Clock at Home Using Arduino/Atmel Microcontroller (atmega8a, Atmega328p… ) So Let’s Start…

        -: Component List :-

1. Atmega8a/Atmega328p

2. Led (I Am Using 128 LEDs)

3. Male & Female Header

4. Plastic or Plywood 

5. Heat Shrink Tube

6. 28 Pin Ic Base

7. Dot Print Pcb

8. Some Wire 

9. Hot Glue 

10. Push On-Off Switch (1 Pcs)

11. Push Button Switch  (2 Pcs)

12. Micro USB Socket 

First Step — Making 4-Digit Led Display


Single Digit Connection , Need Same 4 Digit like this.

4 Digit common Anode Connection

4 Digit common Cathode Connection

LED Display Making Video Tutorial

Clock Main Circuit                        YOUR TEXT

Time Adjustable Circuit 

All Wire Connection and How to Programme Step by Step Video Tutorial

     -:Arduino Code :-

First Add “Time Master”  Library in Arduino Library Folder 

 -:How to Add Any  Arduino  Library :-

Open ‘C’ Drive  ->  Then Open ‘Program File (X86)’ –> Then Open ‘Arduino’ Folder –> Open ‘Library’ Folder, and Finally Post Hare Arduino Time Master Library  Done!