Arduino Based Big 12 Hours Digital Led Clock Making

Hello Friend, Today I Am Going to Show You How to Make a Big Led Digital Clock at Home Using Arduino/Atmel Microcontroller (atmega8a, Atmega328p… ) So Let’s Start…

        -: Component List :-

1. Atmega8a/Atmega328p

2. Led (I Am Using 128 LEDs)

3. Male & Female Header

4. Plastic or Plywood 

5. Heat Shrink Tube

6. 28 Pin Ic Base

7. Dot Print Pcb

8. Some Wire 

9. Hot Glue 

10. Push On-Off Switch (1 Pcs)

11. Push Button Switch  (2 Pcs)

12. Micro USB Socket 

First Step — Making 4-Digit Led Display


Single Digit Connection , Need Same 4 Digit like this.

4 Digit common Anode Connection

4 Digit common Cathode Connection

LED Display Making Video Tutorial

Clock Main Circuit                       

Time Adjustable Circuit 

All Wire Connection and How to Programme Step by Step Video Tutorial

     -:Arduino Code :-

First Add “Time Master”  Library in Arduino Library Folder 

 -:How to Add Any  Arduino  Library :-

Open ‘C’ Drive  ->  Then Open ‘Program File (X86)’ –> Then Open ‘Arduino’ Folder –> Open ‘Library’ Folder, and Finally Post Hare Arduino Time Master Library  Done! 


  1. Aapke displayme 3 dijit chalu hotihe fir link dene par 4 chalu hotihe mereme sabhi 4 dijit chalu hotihe uska soliusan dijiye

  2. I am the first time user of arduino board so please guide me how to add the code to library. 1st added the time master file to library but there are 10 files showing which one to select after selecting the sketch then time master then what to do

  3. Hello my friend; I have a problem setting up Arduino programming
    I want to make a stopwatch and want to connect it to the mobile via bluetooth, can you help me to set up the codes because I don’t know programming the stopwatch on the Arduino
    Thank you and waiting for your reply

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