Make a Battery Capacity Testing Circuit at Home

Welcome buddies, in this post I will show you how to make a battery capacity tester circuit with video tutorial. You can check any type of battery like  Li-ion battery , LiFePO4 battery , mobile battery, lead-acid battery.You can use any voltage battery such as 4.2 volt , 6  volt , 12 volt battery .So without any wasting time let’s start …

Component Required:-

  •  LM358 OP-AMP IC with IC Base
  •  RFZ44N N-Channel Mosfet with Heat Sink (1 Pcs)
  •  TP4056 Charging Module
  •  1 Ohm 10 watt Resistor
  •  LED Voltmeter
  •  18650 Li-ion Battery Holder
  •  Screw Terminal (2 Pcs)
  •  Slide Switch
  •  Red & Green LED (1 Pcs Each)
  •  1N4007 Diode
  •  200k Trim Pot
  •  BC547 NPN Transistor 
  •  10K Resistor (2 Pcs)
  •  470R Resistor (1 Pcs)
  •  Male & Female Header 
  •  Vero Board and Some Jumper Wire

Circuit Diagram:–                                                                                                                                                         YOUR TEXT

Video Tutorial:-

If you still have any problem then ask me without any hesitation. , That’s It for Today