How To Make a Fume Extractor and Cooler Fan Using Old Cooling Fan at Home

Hello friend, today I will teach how to make a solder fume  extractor and cooler fan using old CPU fan with video tutorial guide , and here i am using charge controller for charging this cooling fan safely, please check my previous charge controller making video. And you can use this fan as a cooler fan also. So let’s make it …

-:Component List:-

  1.  CPU Cooler Fan 
  2.  Step Up Boost Converter Module 
  3.  On/Off Switch 
  4.  Micro USB Charging Socket 
  5.  2 Pcs 18650 Li-ion Battery
  6.  Some Wire And Hot Glue      

All Connection                      

Watch This Video Tutorial for Better Understanding

Now All Connections Are Complete, Finally Fix All Wires Using Hot Glue

Now Project Complete

If You Still Have Any Problem Then Contact Me Without Any Hesitation, That’s It for Today