555 Timer IC Tester and Flashing led Circuit Simple Step

Hello, Toady in this post I will share a small project. The Project is How to make a 555 timer ic testing circuit. you can make this circuit using only 2 Pcs resistor, 1 pcs capacitor and 1Pcs led for output . You can use this circuit as a led flashing or led blinking circuit. and you can adjust the blinking speed by changing the capacitor value. I used a 10 microfarad capacitor here.you can increase the led blinking speed by reducing capacitor value. For example, you can use 1uf, 2.2uf, 4.7uf … capacitor for increase blinking speed. and you can also use this circuit as a 555 ic tester. so let”s make it…

-: Components Required:-

1. 1Pcs Led (any color)
2. 1Pcs 470Ω resistor
3. 1Pcs 10k resistor
4. 1Pcs 100K resistor
5. Breadboard and some jumper wire

 -: Circuit Diagram :-           YOUR TEXT

-:Connection :-

Collect all the required components.
1. Place the 555 timer IC on breadboard 
2. Connect 10uf capacitor between IC pin 1 to 2, Connect pin 2 to the positive end of a capacitor.
3. Connect pin 3 with the positive lead of the LED using a 470Ω resistor, The negative lead of LED needs to be connected with the 
4. Connect pin 6 to pin 7 using a 10kΩ resistor.
5. Connect pin 7 to pin 8 using a 100kΩ resistor.
6 Connect pin 8 to the positive end of the battery or any power supply ( 5v-12v)
7. Connect pin 1 of 555 timer IC to the ground.