Make Home Appliance On-off Touch Switch Using 555 Timer IC

Hello buddies, In this post I will show you how to make a touch on-off switch using a 555 timer IC and some resistor with a video tutorial. As the project is based on a Touch to ON and OFF the devices, Touch Plates are an important part of this project. We do not need costly or fancy touch plate, I used here M6 metal washer as a touch plate, you can use the copper plate as a touch sensor. And the important feature of this circuit is that you will not get any electrical shock which we sometimes get while using the normal switches, even though we are using touch plates. But don’t touch AC side, here I used a BT136 triac and MOC3021 Optocoupler for on-off AC Appliance, you can use a mechanical relay for on-off DC and AC current without any power loss. So let’s make It…

-: Component Required:-

1. 1Pcs 555 Timer IC

2. 3Pcs 10k Resistor

3. 3Pcs 1k resistor

4. 1Pcs 10uf – 47uf Capacitor

5. 1Pcs 2N 2222 NPN Transistor

6. 1Pcs BT136 Triac

7. 1Pcs  MOC3021 Optocoupler 


-:Circuit Diagram:-

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: Watch This Video Tutorial for Better Understanding:-

If you still have any problem then ask me without any hesitation. , That’s It for Today