Homemade Heart Shape Led Decoration Light using Arduino

Welcome Friends, today I’m going to show you how you can make an Arduino based heart shape led decoration light. I have used 2 pcs ULN 2003 and 1 Atmega3218p ic. but you can use BC547 transistor instead of ULN2003 IC. If you use BC547 transistor instead of ULN2003 IC, then the circuit diagram will be a little different and a little bigger, instead of an IC you need to use seven transistors and seven resistors, check the circuit diagram given below. To understand everything better watch the video tutorial.


Componenet Required

1. 3 Pcs led
2. atmega328p IC (With IC Base) or Arduino
3. 2 Pcs ULN2003 IC
4. 14 Pcs 100 Ohm Resistor
5. 2 Pcs 1K Resistor
6. 2 Pcs BC547 Transistor
7. 16Mhz Crystal
8. TP4056 Charging Module
10. 1 Pcs 10k Potentiometer
11. 1 Battery
12. 3mm Nut, Bolt, Washer
13. ON-OFF Switch
14. Micro USB Socket
15. MDF Board
16. Some Wire, Zero PCB, Heat Shrink Tube, Double Side Tape…..


BC547 Transistor Instead Of ULN2003

Download Circuit Diagram  And Code