Arduino Based 12/24 Hr Led Digital Clock with RTC Module Added

Hello Friend, Today I Am Going to Show You How to Make a Big 6 Digit Led Digital Clock at Home Using Arduino/Atmel Microcontroller (Atmega8a, Atmega328p… ), and 19 Transistors Have Been Used in This Clock. Also, RTCModule Added in This Version, So Let’s Start

Componenet Required 

1. LED ( I used 148pcs )
2. Atmega8a/Atmega328p microcontroller
2. DS1307 RTC IC
3. 13 Pcs NPN Transistor ( I used BC547 )
4. 6Pcs PNP Transistor ( I used BC557/558)
5. 23Pcs 1k resistor
6. 2PCs 10k resistor
7. 2Pcs 470 Ohm Resistor
8. 4 Pcs Button switch
9. CR2032 Battery
10. CR2032 Battery Holder
11. 28 Pin IC Base
12. 8 Pin IC Base
13. 32.768 Khz Crystal
14. 16 Mhz Crystal
15. Some Wire

First Make Led  7 Segment Display

6 Digit Common Anode Connection

6 Digit Common Cathode Connection

Common 7 Seven Segment Connection with Transistor

Common Anode 6 Digit Connection with Transistor

Time Adjust Button Connection

Dot LED Connection

Main Circuit Diagram

All Wire Connection and How to Programme Step by Step Video Tutorial

Code and Library File 

First Add “RTC ”  Library in Arduino Library Folder 

 -:How to Add Any  Arduino  Library :-

Open ‘C’ Drive  ->  Then Open ‘Program File (X86)’ –> Then Open ‘Arduino’ Folder –> Open ‘Library’ Folder, and Finally Post Hare Arduino RTC Library  Done! 

Thank you