Arduino Daily Schedule Timer On-Off Using RTC Module with Memory Backup If Power Cuts

Hello friend, today I am going to show you how to make a schedule timer circuit using Arduino with RTC module. I already made this project a long time ago, but this version is more stable and accurate. In the previous version, all the settings would have been reset after the power cut-off, but this problem is solved in this version, in the previous version time can be set to a maximum of 8 hours, but in this version, time can be set up to 23.59 hours. So let’s start …

Componenet Required 

1. Arduino nano or uno
2. 16×2 LCD display
3. DS1307 RTC Module
4. 10k or 20k pot (1 Pcs)
5. 1K Resistor (5 Pcs)
6. 150 Ohm Resistor (1 Pcs)
7. 5V Relay (1 Pcs)
8. BC547 Transistor (1 Pcs)
9. 1N4007 Diode (1 Pcs)
10. Screw Terminal Connector (1 Pcs)
11. Push Button Switch (4 Pcs)
12. Zero PCB Board
13. Male and Female Header
14. some wire for connection

LCD Display Connection with Arduino Board

RTC Module  Connection with Arduino Borad

Button Switch Connection with Arduino Board

Output Relay Connection with Arduino Board

Main Circuit Diagram                                                    

Download Code and All File

Video Tutorial in Hindi

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