Arduino Based Upto 7 Channel Multiple Timer On-Off Circuit Using DS3231 & Arduino or Atmega328p IC in Hindi

Hello buddies, today I’m going to introduce a new project which is the Arduino Based 7 channel multiple timer project with the help of DS3231 RTC module.I have done this type of project a few days ago but this project is much better than before and this project has a lot more features than before the project. This project is very simple but very useful .for your convenience, I have created a customized PCB for this project. The circuit diagram, PCB Board, Code of this project will be given below.

Componenet Required

1. Arduino Uno or Nano or Atmega328p(With IC Base)
2. 16×2 LCD Display
3. ULN2003 Relay Driver IC
4. DS3231 RTC Module
5. 5V Relay 7 Pcs
6. Led 8 Pcs with 1k Resistor
7. 3 Button Switch
8. 10k Pot 1 pcs
9. 16Mhz Crystal 1 pcs
10. 22 pf 2 Pcs
11. 1000uf 16v Capacitor 1 pcs
12. Screw Terminal
13. Male and Female Header Pin

Circuit Diagram

Circuit Diagram For Arduino uno/Nano Board

Circuit Diagram For Atmega328p IC

Download Circuit Diagram ,PCB And Code