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LED Scrolling Text Matrix Board Making Using Arduino

Welcome Friends, today I’m going to show you how you can make a led scrolling Matrix board using Arduino UNO, Nano or Atmega328p can make 8×32, 8×40, 8×48 all those with the same code. If you are making an 8×32 matrix then need 4 pcs Matrix driver 74HC595 IC (4×8=32), for 40×8 matrix then need 5pcs 74HC595… Read More »

Shopping Electronics Component from China (Aliexpress)

Hello buddy, in this post I will give you some electronics component photos, price, buying link which I brought from chines company aliexpress. I added all component photos, price, buying link below, and price may be changed after some time because of aliexpress provides many shopping offers. Click on buying link for check current price. -:BUY ANY PRODUCT… Read More »