Make 30v 10 Amp Adjustable Power Supply

Hello friends today I am going to show you how to make a  0-30 volt and 0-10 amp adjustable power supply step by step with all component list, and also you can watch my video tutorial below. So let’s start…

        -:COMPONENT LIST :-

1. LTC3780 Dc 1v-30v 10a Step Up Down Regulator Module   

2. 12V 10 AMP Power Supply   

3.  Digital Volt and Amp Meter   

4. 500k Potentiometer  (1 Pcs)

5. 100k Potentiometer (1 Pcs)

6. 2 Pcs Knob For Potentiometer

7. PUSH Switch (1 Pcs)

8. Power ON/OFF Switch (1 Pcs)

9. Banana Jack and Socket 

10. Crocodile Clip ( 2 Pcs)

11. LED For Power Indication 

12. AC Power Cord 

13. Some Wire, Nut, Bolt, Screw, Washer             


You Can Also My Watch Video Tutorial in Hindi

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