6 Chnnel Relay Module Making

  1. Hello friend today I will show you how to make 6 channel relay module at home.  You can use this relay module for Arduino project, or any other project. This is a 6-volt relay module, but it also works on 5 volts Power supply. You can also watch my video tutorial. So let”s start. 

                   -:Component List :-

     1.  5 Volt Relay (6 Pcs)

     2.  BC547  NPN Transistor (6 Pcs)

     3.  Screw Terminal  (6 Pcs)

     4. Green (Any Color)  Led (6 Pcs)

     5. IN40007 Diode (6Pcs)

     6. 220 Ohm Resistor (6Pcs)

     7. Male Header 

     8. Dot Print PCB Board 


Circuit Diagram Using BC547 Transistor 

You Can Also Watch This Video Tutorial​

6 Volt Relay 

If You Still Have Any Problem, Then Ask Me without any hesitation, I will try my best. 

Thanks .


  1. Debabratta Jenasays:

    the direction of led seems opposite, when i do connect according to circuit led and relay didn’t turn on but when i reverse the polarity of led connection my led glows, that is when I connect the positive lead to tha base of npn, led doesnt glow but when i connect the negative lead to the base of npn led glows. please clear my doubt.

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