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Make Battery Management device using Arduino (Check Actual Capacity, charge battery, battery store mode )

Welcome, I’m back with a new interesting project, today I will make a 4.20 volt (li-ion 18650 battery, mobile battery) battery management device, using this device you can check actual battery capacity, you can adjust discharging current while testing battery capacity, you can charge the battery with a live monitoring system in the display also you can adjust… Read More »

LED Scrolling Text Matrix Board Making Using Arduino

Welcome Friends, today I’m going to show you how you can make a led scrolling Matrix board using Arduino UNO, Nano or Atmega328p can make 8×32, 8×40, 8×48 all those with the same code. If you are making an 8×32 matrix then need 4 pcs Matrix driver 74HC595 IC (4×8=32), for 40×8 matrix then need 5pcs 74HC595… Read More »